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    Jen Liv (Formerly Jen Eden) is a comedic actress, singer, writer and improviser...who also plays 16 instruments!


    She does stand up comedy on zoom with Flappers, Pretty, Funny Women, and Bits and Pieces Comedy. In the before times she performed on UCB Musical Mess Hall Team, Power Play. She is also a part of LA Indie Musical team, The Music Store (Self-Accompanied Musical Improv) Playing accordion, ukulele and piano, and singing. She loved performing in Billy Merritt's Holiday Spectacular as her original character, Iris, at the Del Close Marathon in NYC. She also recently produced and starred in a fully improvised one-woman cabaret with Sam Johnides.


    She wrote, produced, and starred in the video, 1-900 SPARKLE for Funny or Die. You can also see Jen in the first national ad campaign for the Container Store, where she plays a wife who is dead inside.

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    Hey, it's Jen Liv!

    I wrote a song to celebrate my name change! Woohoo!

    Up in my grill web series

    In this mockumentary in the style of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Rosemarie visits the show and gets more than she bargains for....

    Jen's Reel


    Featured video on Funny or Die! Written and starring Jen Liv


    Original Character by Jen Liv.

    She's a Russian Nanny playing and singing such hits as Baby Got Back, Toxic, and Bad Romance.

  • Jen's Projects

    Pretty, Funny Women!

    Jen is a host and performer for Pretty, Funny Women!

    MOzza Mealtime show

    Jen Liv and Elyssa Phillips' musical comedy variety show bringing together the Osteria Mozza fam. Past guests have included Nancy Silverton and Joe Bastianich!

    Rooftop Concerts with Yelena

    Jen's original character, Yelena, plays pop music on the roof for you

    A collection of improvised songs by Jen Liv and Jacquelyn Schreiber on instagram!

    Car Concerts with Jen

    Car Concerts: You, Jen, and Gilda (Jen's car)

    An Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) house musical team.



    Every member is a singer and instrumentalist! We improvise full musicals based on your suggestion! Looking forward to getting back on stage in 2021!

    Jen loved interning, studying and performing at UCB! Eagerly anticipating the reopening of UCB Franklin...

  • Jen is featured on...

    Jen featured on the improv4humans podcast with Matt Besser.

    To Rise Together Podcast

    Jen is featured as the voice of the Money Monster!

    On the mic with Mike Peters

    Comedian, Mike Peters interviews Jen about her budding stand up career!

    Jen featured on the i'm a disaster podcast hosted by Cait Chock.

    Jen featured in the Voyage LA Magazine

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