Upcoming Performances!

So many great things going on right now:

You can see me perform in the following venues:

54 Below:
Oboe you Didn't!

September 7th @11:30pm
Performing an excerpt from my Solo show
"Oboe you Didn't" --Join Jen Eden for a choose your own adventure show, where the audience is in the driver's seat.  Epic stories accompanied by 80's tunes, Broadway, Jazz, and anything else you can imagine, including an Oboe. A little stand up comedy, a little song, and a lot of improv.

Tickets: 54 Below Website

54 Below:
September 21st @ 11:30pm
Performing a larger excerpt from "Oboe you Didn't"
The final product after weeks of developing the show! I'll be paired with 2 other artists.

Jan Hus Theatre
September 26th @ 8pm
Making my debut with Chicago City Limits! New York's longest running improv show.  I'll be doing musical and short form improv.  Totally excited.

Tickets: Chicago City Limits Website

I can arrange industry comps for all shows simply email: Jen@Jeneden.com